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pure vegetable sleeping drink

100% vegan ingredients

harmless for allergy sufferers

highest quality standards

environmentally conscious handling of raw materials

100% produced and bottled in Austria

Snoooze® – Natural Sleep Drink

Snoooze® is an all-natural sleep drink. For good nights and successful days. Snoooze® herbal blend of Valerian, Passionflower, Linden Flower and Lemon Balm supports your natural sleep cycles, so you can enjoy a healthy sleep, especially at times when you need it most.

In short: “Sleep Better, Wake Better”, with Snoooze®

Snoooze® natural sleep drink helps you fall asleep faster and improves sleep duration, so you can enjoy a happier tomorrow, no matter what your plans are. Snoooze® relaxes body & mind and encourages natural sleep. Snoooze®offers happiness without side-effects or dependency. Take Snoooze® Regular because you want to relax and ease into sleep. To be better tomorrow.

Which ingredients are contained in Snoooze?

Lemon Balm

Melissa Officinalis

Melissa or lemon balm has a long tradition of use as a medicinal plant. It was already praised in the late Middle Ages as a cure for heart problems. Melissa officinalis L. usage includes treatment of several diseases in different ethno-medical systems, such as the European Traditional Medicine and the Iranian Traditional Medicine.


Valeriana Officinalis

No other medicinal herb is so strongly associated with stress reduction, relaxation and better sleep quality than Valerian (Valeriana officinalis). In fact, the roots of this important herb contain many effective ingredients that can be a gentle alternative to synthetic drugs in case of nervousness, sleep disorders or general restlessness. As a plant species, Valerian is native to the USA, as well as Europe.


medicinal plant

It is no wonder that this medicinal plant brings back memories of childhood, as it has been used for generations to treat stomach pains, coughs and colds. As tea it is drunk or inhaled and as essential oil it is used for rubbing. And for good reason: the natural remedy has an anti-inflammatory effect and clears the respiratory tract. The plant also promotes digestion and has a slightly calming effect.



In 1569, Spanish explorers discovered passionflower in Peru. They believed the flowers symbolized Christ’s passion and indicated his approval for their exploration. Passionflower is found in combination herbal products used as a sedative for promoting calmness and relaxation. Other herbs contained in these products often include German chamomile, hops, and Valerian.

Lime Blossom


Lime blossoms are best known, and most widely recognized as a holistic medicine. It has been used throughout the ages to soothe a number of ailments and medical conditions. It has very few, if any, side effects, and there are no known drug interactions. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration considers Lime Blossom to be GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).

100% natural ingredients

Exact list of ingredients

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Passionflower

    Passiflora edulis, extract of the above-ground parts

  • Lemon balm extract

    Melissa officinalis, extract of the parts above ground

  • Valerian

    Valeriana officinalis, root extract

  • Acidity regulator

    citric acid

  • Lime blossom

    Tilia cordata, flower extract

  • Natural flavors

    Peppermint, hop extracts

Nutritional Factsper 100mlServing Size 135ml
Calories101 kJ/24kcal136kJ/32kcal
Total Fat0g0g
Saturated Fat0g0g
Ingredients (calculated on dry plant matter)Amount per daily dose (mg)
Lemon balm2800
Lime blossom300

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